Louie Leu Architect

Corralitas Villa

Located just south of Santa Cruz, in Corralitas, California, this villa offers a great view of the Monterey Bay. Louie Leu Architect, Inc. collaborated in the role of Executive Architect.

Inspired by the traditional 'Casali' of Tuscany, the house is composed of separate colorful elements connected to each other, in order to create the feeling of a village. Designed by Italian Architect, Aldo Andreoli, the juxtaposition of old and new, the marriage between the Italian countryside and contemporary makes this home unique. The house also incorporates sustainable and energy efficient features, such as 'integrated solar panels and radiant heating. The interior includes natural finishes like clay plaster, stone and organic paint.

Contractor: Howerton Construction

Interior Designer: Dani Ingle, Home by Design

Landscape Architect: Randy Thueme

Photographer: Marco Ricca